I T  S O L U T I O N S



​​Every business has a vision for the future. But if your IT and infrastructure don't reflect that vision, how far can you expect to go? Planning and strategy are essential in an era of rapid growth. It identifies your strengths. It flags potential weaknesses. And it allows your business more fiscal and creative flexibility in the days to come. With a broad range of business clients and the latest technical expertise, Insight has the experience to understand your vision and the resources to create a system that supports it. From early IT assessment, through systems deployment, daily operations, repair and upgrades, Insight can help you develop technology that matches your potential.




​​LINDISK's IT Design Services address four specific areas and act as information gathering sessions to understand your current environment and business challenges, to begin the planning process towards reaching your ultimate technology goals. Our expertise revolves around the Data Center, Server and Storage, Convergence and Software to optimize performance, mitigate risk and maximize the value of IT to your business. These services include:

Design Proof of Concept: Effectively demonstrates how a certain product or technology is viable and capable of solving your company's specific challenges.

Infrastructure Design Services: Proper IT planning and design are critical to ensure performance. Resiliency and scalability are carefully considered and architected.

Operational and Strategic IT Planning: As a subset of the strategic work plan, this describes short-term ways of achieving milestones and explains how, or what portion of, a strategic plan will be implemented during a given period.



​​Advanced Integration Services provide the highest level of customization, including large-scale rollouts of workstations, servers, and connectivity equipment and systems. LINDISK's state-of-the-art labs are one of the few facilities in the industry qualified to perform complex customizations on advanced IT including rack mounted, blade and stand-alone servers



​​LINDISK minimizes that transition with a multi-phased, IT systems implementation plan. Our engineers install, test and validate your equipment, so it's ready to plug-and-play. Our implementation team spends days on-site, transferring operational knowledge in a timely and trackable manner, so your employees can operate systems in confidence - and you can upgrade IT without sacrificing efficiency.



​​Complex systems, demanding users, overworked personnel and shrinking budgets can make managing your IT infrastructure overwhelming. While you may have the expertise to manage all of this yourself, the time and resources required can easily distract you from business-critical issues. Partnering with Insight is the win-win solution you've been looking for.

LINDISK provides complete Management Services solutions that enable you to scale cost effectively and quickly address evolving business priorities, whether at the inception stage or as part of your long-term IT systems management. Our philosophy is to employ the best people, technology and processes to provide you the services you need to enhance your ability to focus on what really matters; efficient operations and customer service.